Elecare Jr.

We are coming off of two appointments this week. So lots going on. Gavin will start on Elevate Jr. As soon as we get clearance from insurance, which should be soon. GI wants him to try to drink orally the needed calories a day before we jump to a tube. Then she only wants to do a NG tube. I’m not a fan of the NG, especially since he’ll be strictly elemental for 3-4 months.
Gavin seems more comfortable with the g-tube as well so IF we end up needing one, we’ll be pushing for that.
He had blood work yesterday, but they blew his vein, so we have to go back for that. Just a CBC and a Liver Panel.

This hurry up and wait is killing me, so ready for this to be done with so we can stop living in doctors offices weekly!

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