Biopsies and tubie friends

Scope results came Monday afternoon. 95 to well over 100. Our GI called in an eosinophilic specialist to meet us at our next appointment September 3rd. ThT appointment we will plan tube placement and start working with a DME company to make sure we are all set for when we bring him home. I thought about getting a Tubie friend, but then heard if you have a spare button(we’ll be getting a mic-key) then will sew it in at build a bear. I think the whole experience of making his Tunis buddy will be even more therapeutic for him.

We had open house today at school, and I let them know what has been going on with him and what is coming. We’ll be sitting down with the head of school sometime after our sept. 3rd appointment and followup allergist appointment to help get them further up to speed.

Here’s to hoping transition back into school life goes smoothly.

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