Game plan: schedule new scope, depending on those results then schedule a tube.

Yep. We’re going elemental.
We spoke with the new team for two hours. I really enjoyed how much they listened to not only me, but to Gavin.

My homework now is to get clearance from our insurance company to cover the cost of formula, to also sit down with our pharmacist to map out costs and to schedule a meeting with a dietician to work on calorie intake requirements.

Beyond the medical side of things, I have to set up an IEP planning meeting as soon as teachers/staff get in so we can prepare the school for what is coming.

I am wiped out. Our appointment today was at 3:00, and we didn’t get home until 9:00pm. Triangle traffic at 5:00(when we got out of there) was just insane. But I did beat my fear of the 440 today!!!! Once we got out of there, we stopped in Knightdale for something to eat.

I’m happy to have a plan in place, i walked into UNC knowing what we were facing… but the reality is hitting. 2:30am and I can’t turn my brain off. Hopefully sleep won’t allude me and I can start the day tomorrow fresh to start talks with insurance. 

One thought on “UNC

  1. Hi, my son jack age 4 was diagnosed with EOE this summer. How long do you wait between scopes during elimination/ trial diets?
    Thank you!

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