Good bye, July!

In a week I will have a six year old. In two weeks we will have had our first visit with our new care team at UNC and be on a much better road. And in one month I will be lulling a six year old to sleep in preparation for his first day back at school.
How amazing how fast time goes on. Six years ago I was waiting for this little bundle to choose when he wanted to be born. I was blissfully unaware of things like: eosinophil, food allergies, cross contamination… I was unprepared for motherhood in every way a first time mom could be. In a week I will have been a mother now, three times over. I still feel helpless at times, but I am not. I found my voice and I use it all the time.
What would our lives be like without all these allergies…. without EOE? Where would we be in life?
I know one thing for sure, without those things in our lives, I would not have the same children as I do now. Yea they’d be the same people, but their personalities would not be the same, their approach to life wouldn’t be the same. And I would miss that. So I’ll take the food allergies, I’ll take the EOE. Because without them our lives would not be what they are.





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