Two little boys… little bathroom.

We are pushing the boys to eat new things, of of them re things that showed positive on prick tests…. but they need to eat something so we try.

Two little boys feel independent, and typically don’t bring the mommy up to speed. I only get to see where they have been.

Two little boys spent a lot of time in the bathroom yesterday. I cleaned up lots of throw up. The bathtub became a the target. I don’t know where one boys retching started and the others ended. Neither wanted to inform me who did what.

Should I hope for it to be s bug? I’m not sure. But I do know I have two little boys who have been coughing all week. Raccoon eyes, eczema, and very very upset tummies. We’re in for it either way. I hate adding Patrick to the bathroom’s frequent flyer list though.

As I assess our luck, I decided that we will most likely get called to UNC for the week of August 26th. Gavin starts school that week, and Mark will be in Las Vegas as well. Just seems like our luck it will be then. We’ll see though.

Two little boys are already up and coughing up a storm. We shall play Thomas trains and watch Thomas movies until we feel better.


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