Scope Day

Quick photo showing what all is looked at during a scope

We arrived at the hospital in Greenville at 7:15am and after waiting about an hour, we were called back. Once we got to the Pre-Op area things got fun. They had a wonderful Child-Life Specialist that really was just amazing. The first thing Gavin got to do was decorate his own mask.
He picked out Thomas the Train stickers (of course) and Mountain Dew scented chapstick as his scent of choice. They put the scents in there to help the kids with keeping the masks on.

Then we were given tons of toys! We were third in line for our doctor so we had some time before it was our turn. Gavin loved the toys.
While he played with the toys, I briefed his team on his allergies and the reasons why we were there. I helped them through all things Gavin related. All of their faces had the same look to pity and fear when thinking about his list of allergens. Fear I understand, but don’t pity my child…He doesn’t need pity, he needs support.

Once everyone was up to speed we sat there waiting and playing. We built so many lego towers and used the tools to knock them down. But we were having so much fun. After a little while I put on Disney and we kinda relaxed and enjoyed a down moment.

When we became the next person in line the nurse came in and told us she would be giving Gavin some Versed to ease into being wheeled into the OR and having to put the mask on, because some kiddos don’t do well with that part. It took 10 minutes for the Versed to kick in and when it did he went from bubbly and playful to just there. I kinda hated seeing him so out of it. His eyes were twitchy, having a hard time focusing on anything. He just looked so out of it. But he needed that help too. Even with the Versed he cried as he left to the OR. But quickly calmed down and was an “angel” in there.

I don’t have any pictures of Gavin in post-op, so I’ll try my best to paint the picture for you.

Before Gavin came out of the OR, his doctor came out to tell us how it went. She said he did very good and that over all she thinks they got what they needed.

The Good News aka “Healthy”
She said his stomach looked perfect, no hernias or any reason to be concerned with it.
Picture of his stomach, as she was testing for a hernia. 

Also his Duodenum looked healthy too. She did take biopsies in both locations though, which was to be expected.

The Bad News aka the “Unhealthy”
His esophagus started out OK, but quickly went white.
Entering his esophagus, you can look down and start seeing the white specks.
Covered in White.

We are now waiting on the Path. report to see where he stands.We should know in 3-5 days how it looks.

Gavin Post-Op

When Gavin came out of the OR, they didn’t call us right away, but I watched him the whole time. He was awake as they wheeled him into the recovery curtain. When we got over there he was covered in wires and tubes. He had to be intubated for the scope (not everyone did but that is how we decided to proceed in case of a reaction to medication) While they had taken the tube out, his cheeks were bright red from the tape. His lips were pale white and super chapped as well. He had 3 heart leads on, an o2 sensor on his finger, a BP cuff and an IV in his foot. His poor foot, that looked like it hurt so badly. I could tell it was bothering him.

He couldn’t really talk when I got over to him, he was still coming to and getting a grasp on things. I scooted him over and climbed up in the bed with him to keep him calm. He started freaking out a little bit as he really came to. He said in a really wraspy voice, “Where Am I?” a few times, it really scared him because he didn’t remember leaving me because of the Versed. His throat was hurting him pretty badly, but his ankle where the IV was hurt him more.
We got him drinking some sprite soon after all that, and he kept it all down. He coughed a lot but that was b/c of the scope and the breathing tube. Our Post-Op nurse seemed really happy with how we was responding, and his vitals looked great so we were out of post-op over to the other side to get discharged. He finished off the can of sprite while we were over there…and as soon as he did he was trying to get off the bed. Our Nurse saw and got things ready for us to get out. However, when it was time to go… He didn’t want to leave because there were cool toys there!

We were told that clear liquid diet and lots of sleeping were to be expected for the rest of the day, given a sheet of things to expect and things we should be concerned about.

As we were being wheeled out of the hospital Gavin declared he wanted Pancakes. I wasn’t comfortable with that but he got some yogurt and fruit instead, then stole some french fries from Nana. He did great with them and has been eating well so far. No Spicy or Hard things though.

As for resting, that has been a hard thing to get him to do. As I type he is on the couch watching Thomas movies. Earlier though he ran after Patrick and started wheezing pretty badly, it actually worried me because he’s never had a wheezing fit like that, but it calmed down after a minute.

Overall today was a good day and I look forward to the Path. Report!

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