To Scope or not to scope…That is the question

This story started 3 days ago. A regular Friday at home with my boys. 

*Cell Phone goes off*

It’s the hospital. Great! We’ve been waiting on a call from them to tell us when our scope is. 

Wait what? THIS MONDAY???? My head starts to spin. All of a sudden we are overwhelmed with information. 

Our options ended up being Monday or they didn’t know when they could fit us in. Monday it is. We met all the criteria for the scope so we just went with it. 

This past weekend we focused on making sure Gavin ate only foods that could trigger a reaction. Knowing this was our best bet to get the reading we needed. It has been hard.

–Monday Morning–
Gavin’s been NPO since midnight, but hasn’t ate or drank since 8:30pm Sunday. We have to be at the hospital by 7:30am. I wake up at 5:00 and toss and turn until 6:00. Get my kiddo ready and we are out the door by 6:30am. 

We get there about 7:15 and check in. The Nurse Practitioner comes in and has a piece of paper covered with his list of allergies. She has stars and circles around a few. She wants to know how severe his reactions are to Egg and Soy. Egg isn’t that bad, but Soy….. oh soy how I hate you. 

She asks if he has an epi pen. of course he has an epi pen. which scares her more. She starts talking about the drugs they’d use for sedation, and ruling different ones out because of concerns about his airway. We settle on one and all seems well. 

The nurse comes in with these Lidocaine patches for Gavin’s arms to numb the locations for the IV. He hated them because they heat up. We sat for 45 minutes waiting….and waiting….and waiting.

The NP comes back in. She tells us we can’t do the scope today. Says that she is uncomfortable with his list of allergies and the ability to keep him sedated enough to preform the scope as needed. Says something about how they “really should of had this list Friday so they could make better plans” I start getting mad. My response was “Well I found out at 4:00pm on Friday we would be here today” 

We have two choices at this point, neither give us the scope came for today. 
Option 1: a different sedation team that uses a different set of meds. Still carrying the risk that none of the meds they use are allergen free for him and they stress the importance of his airway. 

Option 2: Anesthesia. We’d have to go to the OR, Gavin would be intubated, but all parties would be happy. 

I chose option 2. 

So now we wait again. I know we are on the schedule to be back at the hospital tomorrow….now we wait for time. The OR schedules patients Youngest to oldest, which means there is a high likelihood that we’d have to be there at 6:00am for a 7:30am scope. 

This day has been so stressing. I hope tomorrow goes well. We need this to go well. 

OH and Gavin had a topical reaction to the lidocaine patches. great news huh….. That’s not a fun thing to think about. 

Oh well…. Wish I had better news. 

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