Where did April go?

Is it really almost May! Slow down this ride a little bit!

June is getting closer!!! Which means Gavin’s scope is getting closer. I think the last half of May into the first half of June I’ll need Xanax. I’m already drowning in so much information out there… once we get results it’ll be go time. 

Gavin will be FIVE in August, which means because of summer, I need to start suggesting to people NOW about a potential party. What kind of party do you have for a kid allergic to the world? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. He loves Angry Birds….so it’ll be fun and destructive whatever it is!

Summer plans: So far I have 3 big trips in mind. The first is coming up Mother’s Day weekend! I am heading down to Ocracoke Island…just me and the other “matriarchs” of the family, for a long weekend with our toes in the sand! If you have never been there, I recommend it! 

Next up we are going to head up to Manteo sometime after the scope. Hit up the Aquarium, nature trails, then over to Kill Devil Kills to play in the ocean. 

Lastly, Fourth of July. That is tradition to head down to the river house and enjoy lots of food and fireworks. Kinda dreading this one. Poor kiddo won’t be able to touch a thing. I think I’ll make some vegan side dishes and hide them among the unhealthy fried stuff so that it looks like he is eating like the rest and not being singled out. Only issue there is cross contamination. I’ll work it out. 

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with how Gavin is doing. Right now he is being hardheaded and trying to sneak foods he can’t have. He’s thrown up for the past week because he is sneaky. Gonna drive me crazier than I already am. 

I haven’t had anymore breakdowns like I was having, even after being met with more people insisting I am either making it all up for attention, or trying to test out my “theory”… maybe that’s because we haven’t been much of anywhere other than home lately. Which is probably for the best of my sanity until after scopes. 

I’ve called around to a few allergists, and we’ll be meeting with them this upcoming month to see how we fit. Cross your fingers because I am so tired of my current allergist(I’ll post another update on that situation soon!)



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