Patrick Turned Two!

Yesterday we celebrated Patrick’s 2nd Birthday. Nothing big or special, just our small little family of four enjoying a day off. I have a “safe” cake recipe that I am going to try, maybe if/when we do something with our families for him, I’ll post the recipe if it is yummy!
Patrick was our lightning rod for allergies. Where Gavin’s reactions have always been GI related, Patrick’s are topical (Hives etc.) His reaction to Dairy got Gavin into the allergist and changed our lives so much. Here are some awesome pictures of my little man. Enjoy

Patrick just born

Covered in Peanut Butter!

Little Man turned 2!!!!

Presents from Mom, Dad and Gavin!

Gavin enjoying Vegetable Tempura!

Mommy’s Late night snack 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful week, we will be busy with life! Gavin’s next allergist appointment is coming up soon and his GI appointment is in June.

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