Meet my Gavin

How would I describe Gavin? Sensitive, Caring, Spunky and so Smart. I mean I know people brag about how smart their children are, but I’m not talking about “he can speak 12 languages and write Latin” no the kids is inquisitive and just loves to understand how things work. He is such a witty kid, which he gets from his father, it is amazing the amount of pure sarcasm the they come up with together…I’m in so much trouble when he starts school!

Gavin was a wonderful baby, but even at a very young age I knew that something wasn’t right. He would “spit up” pretty much after every bottle, but it wasn’t normal baby spit up. We talked to our Ped. and he said it could be reflux and gave us things we could do to try to knock it out before trying medicine. When we started solids, it got way worse. Throwing up full meals was (and still sometimes is) common place in our home. Spoke to ped. again about reflux testing but was met with, ” He is gaining weight so there isn’t anything wrong.” At that point I left that doctor, however we didn’t have insurance. We wouldn’t go back to a Ped. until he was closing in on three years old. In that time we were trying all sorts of foods, most of which were those Gerber Toddler meals. He would throw up any with meat in them, so we worked around that and kinda kept note on that as well. He also had his first case of Hives, and that was the scariest thing with him up until that point. His hives came on SO fast, under 10 minutes he was fully covered. When they were getting close to his eyes, nose and mouth I jumped in the car and took him to the ER. We were there hours upon hours, getting 2 doses of steroids and multiple doses of Benedryl before they went down. After that we kept a closer eye on his foods but he wouldn’t have another case of Hives for another 2 years. Up until this point, he is still eating-coughing and throwing up daily, but the range of items that were causing it were so huge we honestly thought it was because he wasn’t chewing well.Fast Forward to 3 years old. We get on a great insurance plan and get in to a brand new Ped. I go over everything that he has done for the past 2 years on solids. I want allergy testing done, “no it’s not allergies, they don’t present like that. He has texture issues and needs therapy!” no, no that’s not it! It took a year of fighting with different peds to get Gavin in for Allergy testing, and that is only because at that point my youngest was having an obvious allergic reaction to dairy and they were sending him so I DEMANDED to get a referral for Gavin as well.  

Feb. 2011- We are told Gavin has 8 allergies: Chicken, Beef, Pork, White Fish, Egg White, Soy, Peanut and Corn. Along with Oak trees as an environmental. It all makes sense after looking at his history, the huge array of foods he reacted to-all had atleast one of them in it. Game Plane 2 month elimination diet, then reintroduce one at a time. By July we had successfully reintroduced Egg, Peanut, Fish and a little bit of soy here and there. All is well, right? No, He starts around this time reacting again. I make lists and try to figure it out so we eliminate what we think are the causes, it gets a bit better.

Present time: This past friday, Gavin went for his yearly visit with his allergist. They did 40 pricks to see how his allergies were. We didn’t loose a single one, “So much for outgrowing them” I think to myself. As the nurse reads off the growing list I sink down slowly. I hear “wheat” and I cringe. What am I going to feed this kid! I remembered reading about Eosinophilic Esophagitis and thinking that it sounded kinda like Gavin, so when the Doctor came back in to discuss the results, I bring it up. By the end of the visit we have an Endoscopy with Biopsies, and a Barium swallow test scheduled. 
Gavin’s new list of Bad foods are:
Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Beef, Dairy, Soy, Casein, Peanut, Wheat, Corn, Egg White, Egg Yolk, W. Fish. And Environmental grew from just Oak to now ALL trees and Bermuda Grass(which is EVERYWHERE!)
We have eliminated all these positive foods, and he is still reacting to things-but I’m not even sure at this point what it could be-too scared to wonder. Part of me wonders if its Potatoes? Rice? Beans? Time will tell.
So here I am. I’m waiting on a GI to call me with the magical date, waiting on confirmation that my child has what I think he has, especially now that I’ve had time to really learn more. He is allergic to our food America…and I know he’s not alone.  

3 thoughts on “Meet my Gavin

  1. Hi there,
    I also struggle with allergies, not even close to as bad as your son though! Mine are preservatives, so since he is so sensitive you might want to start tracking the preservatives in food as well. also if he is allergic to egg whites you need to make sure to let all medical professionals know. They use soy AND egg white suspension in some anesthetics, as well as shots. I hope you don’t mind me giving this information, its just stuff I’ve learned growing up and feeling like I’m allergic to living. Good luck guys!

  2. Have you looked into a raw foods diet? None of the foods you know he is allergic to is in a RFD. Also, would your kids do smoothies for breakfast? Frozen bananas/strawberries/blueberries/peaches with almond milk, honey and flax oil thrown in.

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